30 June 2007

Facebook downtime, iPhone and my stinkin' exams

Facebook went down today for a couple of hours, citing ‘maintainence’ as the reason. They were down for a couple of ours for ‘me’. I don’t know about the others, since it said ‘your account is not available’.

This is the first time Facebook has gone down since it released the Platform, and I think we can put some blame onto that. Having to roll out fix builds almost everyday while keeping the site up and running like a jet engine. There are tons of new applications already (I have four), and they’re being approved by hundreds in a day. Every application added gets exposure in the directory, and starts getting more users. This adds to Facebook’s server load.

Platform has been hugely successful, and you can begin to see a visionary in Zuckerberg. Even though any data regarding the application itself (users, referrals, how many adds per hour etc.) aren’t availableThere are some applications which scrape this data out of Facebook, but that’s against Facebook TOS (scraping), so I don’t think they’ll be around for too long., the data and integration options make up for it pretty well :)


We’ve all heard about it, read about it, and know as much about it without having it as the person who does. The iPhone has been the most hyped gizmo in a ‘very’ long time, and little surprise it comes from Apple. People have been flocking to get their hands on one. Twitter saw increased activity thanks to the people waiting in line busy micro–blogging to get their experience out. The iLoser reached celebrity stardom for all the wrong reasons … with people howling for him to thrown out. But he maintained his place.

Now that the iPhone is out, it’s managed to live upto its hype, and Apple has lived upto it’s reputation. I’m sure Nokia and Blackberrys all across the world are feeling a little lonely right about now (when was the last time they were excited about ‘their’ phone?), although it’s a sad time for anyone ‘not’ in the U.S., since the iPhone launch was U.S. only. They will be announcing a model for the European market on Monday (as per reports), and Vodafone is being touted as the carrier. India, Australia, and all the countries this side will only be graced next year, same time.

I for one am actually glad that Apple’s taking it’s time to bring the iPhone here. It will give them time to iron out the bugs, hardware issues, compatibilities and problems, and give us a more polished and finished product. But the people who ‘have’ got their hands on with it, are surely not complaining! :)

Exams, exams! :(

Yes, the rants of a college going kid continue. I’ve been riddled with exams yet again, which is why my beloved little blog has been ignored so much the past days. All is not lost though. I’ve been keeping busy with a few projects, ideas and Facebook ofcourse. My end term holidays start in just over a week, and I’m planning big things for that this time around.

So! Here’s to a great iPhone for all those who have it, and who’re going to buy it! And I shall be back to blogging full time very, ‘very’ soon! :D


Avatar said...

bah, i will be getting a meizu minione..

3g TV
modded wm6

some the stuff i find insae it is being a 2g, no voice, no video recording, no mms, no lots of stuff.. but they do paid for some MS exchange support.. they knew it would be even more insane not to have it.

Deepak said...

I'd rather call iPhone an "iPod with minimal phone functionalities" than "a phone with helluva music player"

We can wait till iPhone comes here. As you rightly say, they will make it better in a "refresh" version. After all, this is just their first phone.

Aditya said...

I waited for the iphone, saw its tech stats, bleh! its such a wimpy piece! maybe for girls.

I bought a HTC TyTN and will wait for Apple to polish its product, and maybe buy the 3rd generation phone after they come out with it in a few months time. The nano phone is already rumored and lets see if they put more features in the iphone in the next releases.

Efendi said...

iphone is not reaching asia till next year i believe :|

btw, adit, i'll try to work that thing on this week, i'll promise you the time range now ;)

heavy load on office is near end :P

Milan said...

i collaborate deepak. Only thing i expected out of Apple or iPhone was 3G phone, but it disappointed me and people across the world.

it takes 112 seconds to open amazon.com in iphone and 60 seconds for yahoo.com

Ayan Dutta said...

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