01 December 2006

Aditya Mukherjee is...

I thought it was time to reveal a little more about me, than what is listed on my Blogger profile. But sitting down to write and twiddling my thumbs for a little over half an hour, it's a little hard to figure out what to write and what not to write. How much to reveal, and yet not make this boring. I'm not that great when it comes to talking about myself. Ask my friends if you want :)

My full name is Aditya Vikram Mukherjee. My first and middle name comes by reversing 'Vikramaditya', the name of a well known king from our history. I think it was because my father had something against it, but had to keep it because my mother liked that name. He's not the most creative of people. I am 18 years old, and I'm a student at Manipal University, Karnataka. I'm studying Computer Sciences (Software), and hope to make something of myself in about 4-5 years time.

I can only describe myself as a 'geek'. All forms of the word's definitions fit me in probably some way or the other. I spend almost all my time on my computer, browsing coding sites, reading design, programming or humour blogs and trying to come up with the next 'big' idea for a hack or script that will make blogging on Blogger that much better. I am 'not' a nerd though, because I don't ace college or top my class or anything of that sort. I just happen to have a knack for programming I believe, and am smart enough to come up simple solutions for complicated problems (well, most of them atleast).

I'm a creative geek. I have worked on many designs in the past (regular readers of The Last Word would have seen the various design changes over time), and am currently working on my father's company's website. I design because I find it relaxing and soothing to my aching brain muscles. My other works can be seen at Three Halves, The ICAS Blog.

The only other big interest grabbing thing in my life is music. There is always sound of music coming from my hostel room at any given time of the day (after college hours), and it's not generally nice soft Backstreet Boys kinds. I've got Rock in my blood, and that's all I can listen to. I never get enough of it to try and switch to other genres, so that should give you an idea of how crazy it can get. I am currently hooked to Saliva, Keane, Papa Roach and John Mayer. Otherwise, I'm an obsessive fanatic of Pink Floyd, Guns N' Roses (Slash rules!), Red Hot Chili Peppers and Joe Satriani.

I'm quite a reserved person. If you're lucky, you'll get to see me out of my room without a proper reason. I love to sit with a hot cup of coffee, music in the back, my computer, snuggled in my bed and working on something new. That's probably my idea of a perfect way to spend time. I don't mind people's company, but after a while I start to get disoriented and just want to be alone. There are very few people who really know me, and anything you read here is going to be no more than 1/20th of what I'm about. It's just not in my nature to talk about myself and get people involved with my personal life at such a deep level. My friends get angry because of that sometimes, but hey! You can't change what you can't change!

The Last Word

This blog was born out of my love for the Internet and it's dynamic nature. There is something or the other happening at any given point of time, and it can get very exciting to try and stay on top of everything. Made even more interesting with the advent of blogs, and the whole concept of blogging, I wanted to have my own place to put up little ramblings and thoughts about things I saw and noticed around the web.

Being a sensitive guy, it soon strayed away from being a technical blog, to more of a personal one. I invited friends to join up as contributors, and all was good. I still wanted more viewers though, and coincidently I was introduced to the concept of Hacks for Blogger around the same time. I knew how to program a little, and seeing how seemingly small bits of code could create a rage, I decided to make my own hacks and stick to blogging about the web and three things I am very interested in, blogs, designs and codes. I was lucky lots of people came in to visit, and my readership grew steadily. Right now, I have 200+ subscribers, and 1700+ unique monthly viewers (latest Feedburner stats). All this, with a blog (technically) less than a year old. I am grateful to all my readers, and hope to continue the good work and see those numbers rise :)

I hope to stick with Blogger, although I have wanted to move over to Wordpress (I admit!) in the past. I was toying with the idea till a few weeks back, but now I have decided to stick around with Blogger atleast for this blog. The current template is called 'Golden Summer', and is the successor to 'Back in Beta' which I had to do away with because of it's sluggishness. I change my mind quite often, and am still in the hunt for a look I am comfortable keeping for a long time.

Get in touch

I'm not that hard to reach, and I usually answer all my mails in a day or so. Mails and comments (I prefer comments) are generally a better way to get in touch, because I really don't like adding a lot of contacts to my messenger. If you have good reason though, send me a mail, and I'll add you in. Hope you like this place. See you around! :)

  • Mail: aditya@aditya-mukherjee.com
  • Gtalk - aditya.vm@gmail.com - I will not authorize just anybody. You'll need to send me a mail, or I'll most probably reject.
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