02 February 2007

Linksharing (Jan - 1st week Feb '07)

I've always wanted to be able to share little interesting pages that I've come across the Internet in an unobtrusive and compact way. Short of adding a widget for it and overcrowding my sidebar, this is the most creative way I could think of for the moment :P So, here are a bunch of pages I bumped into in the recent past, or one's I thought you'd find fun:

  • ASCII art generator: Does what the name says, and beautifully too! You can see this example :)

  • Funny windows error messages: I don't know how many of these are true, but they sure are funny!

  • John Mayer - Neon: That's not that easy to play, though I can at a slower beat. Great song nonetheless!

  • iPod is introduced: Apple music even 2001, and the first ever iPod introduction.

  • The Daily Wtf?: This one is genuinely funny! You have to see it :P And don't miss all the comments either!

  • Optimus Keyboard: Something I'd love to see see the light of day. It's just gorgeous!

  • Google Rounded corners: Want rounded corners? Why not get 'em from Google? Check out this link to to build the rounded boxSubmit and get the box code, then replace the different URLs for the corner images with the Google corner image URLs! You won't need to go hunting for a filehost :P


Deepak said...

I loved the Optimus Keyboard, especially the keys for Quake. :)

Somehow, I prefer a keyboard to a joystick of the playstation. PC rocks!

Aditya said...

I loved it too! It's going to be freakin' expensive though... And then the thing of people having to add support for the keyboard to their softwares.

Lot's of work, but fun to see nonetheless :)