01 February 2007

Design and Hack testing, and Google server woes

Though the new Blogger has made loading blogs faster, I guess it still has a little more way to go to be handle multiple requests for a page. This is most evident when you're trying to test a new design or a hack, which requires you to constantly preview and reload a page. I don't think is inherently a Blogger problem, because I noticed that requests to Googlepages (my choice file host) were taking long to get completed as well. As I write this, blog feeds have taken a hit. I don't see them on any blogI've checked Phydeaux3, Blogger Hacked, Hackosphere and my blog -- blogs which rely on feeds..

This brings up the question as to what 'is' actually the bandwidth and space that we're offered from Google when hosting at Blogspot. There have been estimates in the past, but I'd sure like a solid number to work with here. Avatar will have them, but he's a little busy on his own these days! :P

Atleast, the server doesn't refuse connections if you overshoot their requests per minute/hour/whatever barrier. It just slows down, which is a more desirable result than a downtime! But then again, it can't take too much server load if you're just having to serve text. As far as I know, all our post content is stored in a database, and is injected into our template by a faster (with bigger capacity?) server and shown to us when the page is requested. It can still get on my nerves when I need to go to bed but the pages won't load fast enough so that I can add that final touch to the CSS or code.

Is Google really ready for a GDrive any time in the near future? I doubt it.

Google Operating System is facing the same outages. I wonder what really is going on with Blogger... :(


1-Feb (7:49PM IST) Update: The feeds are still being a little moody, but they're slowly starting to reveal themselves. As Deepak points out in the comments, the Blogger Help Group is flooded with people posting encounters with a 502 server error page. I've managed to avoid it till now, but it sure can't be good.

(11:34PM IST) Update: For a small 5 minutes, I was greeted to this nice little message. I couldn't post, view my dashboard, or do anything else. It seemed like everything with the domain name of 'blogger' or 'blogspot' was down. It seems to have vanished now, with all feeds and Blogger related stuff back online in perfect shape! Strangeness of the highest order! 8|
But it's good everything is back!

A new build?


Deepak said...

I was about to comment on your blog about the feed problem.
I'm pretty pissed off because of it. I don't like it when things don't work and there is nothing you can do about it. :(

Mine switches between the good and the bad intermittently. Is it going to get ugly? :D

Aditya said...

Blogger's Status page is also seeing unpredictable outages (it didn't show an hour ago, but showed up 10 mins ago).

Report from GOS also says the same thing. It's irritating as heck! >:(

Deepak said...

It is a hurricane out there in Blogger Help Group. :D

Floods of posts saying blogs are not accessible. Most are getting 502 Errors.

Aditya said...

Heh! No kidding! Let's wait for an official announcement from Blogger... I hope they get this fixed quickly :|

Leon said...

My blogs were okay and then the old 502 popped up for a while. Unlike a lot of people I didn't run to the help group and post my woes in every group - thus "helping" Google's servers even more.

Aditya said...

"thus "helping" Google's servers even more."

Haha! Not so bright, are they? ;)