03 February 2007

Three Halves

This has taken me long enough, so I will not put it off any more. Something more to do with 'me' than the web or the Internet! :) Let me introduce everyone to my nice (somewhat) little personal blog. It's called 'The Wrong Road to a Dead End'. Don't ask me why I decided to call it that, but it sure caught and stuck :P

What can you expect to see? Well, it's a few steps short of being a teen angst blog! Haha! It has whatever I think about when my mind is not busy with physics, maths and computers, or codes and music. It can get very random and completely non contextual, inconsequential at times. The posting is very irregular (my mind is not empty that often), but it's a nice place to just spend 5 minutes whenever you don't have something to read otherwise! :)

I designed it to be as fast as possible, with no frills attached at all. There is just one thing at the top right which is of consequence and something I'm proud of. The 'Now Playing' widget, which is tied to my Winamp. It updates with the song playing on my computer currentlyIt's lying very broken at the moment, but I'll fix it soon.

The content can get a little heavy at times. Those are the times when I'm really not feeling fine or something. The posts are probably the best indicators of my mood. Its content is very honest, and is absolutely 100% me. So you've been warned. It won't have what I did that day, or how the dog next door is so cute. All that is too trivial for me, and I'll throw those in in the middle of posts if it is of any consequence.

Three halves?

As for the address 'Three Halves', there was a little thought behind that too. If you've noticed, people sometimes make the mistake of describing something by saying 'one half this, one half that, and one half something else', to which we quip with 'three halves'? But if you see, that's when the person is concentrating on the content, and not how they are explaining it. That's the approach I follow on my blog. I think about what I'm talking about, and not how I get it out to the people. I leave the perceiving to them, and their judgement :)

You get the idea. You'll see the rest there. So pay 'me' a visit! :)

If you feel it's worth it, you can subscribe to the feed from here, the syndications' list, or from my personal blog itself!


cyberbuff said...

well, i don't think it's a teen angst blog. there is much creativity there. And i like the now playing widget.
And one more thing: the smileys aren't working at your blog. I am very much disappointed to see that the coder himaself is nt showing the emotions... ;) :D

Aditya said...

Haha! Thank you :)

Yes, I said I removed them because they were becoming a small distraction when reading posts. To see yellows circles in the middle of text, broke my concentration for sure! :P

Anonymous said...

did you know your blog shutdowns IE7 tabs? sending a:

"IE7 cannot load this site"

i hope it is not intentional, tat is going way to far aditya.. ;)


Aditya said...

Haha! Yes, I do know, and no it's not intentional. Just something I don't want to try and fix :)

Why the anonymity though? :P