08 June 2007

Who said that? #

This seems to have been broken for a while. Blogger changed the structure of the comment form page, hence it wasn’t getting the comment author’s name properly. I’ve fixed it now. A quick re–install will do :)

There isn’t really much history behind this one, except that it was an idea originally put into my head by Avatar, for the old Blogger. Since back then we had the form as part of the post page, and not a Blogger page, a comment quoting system was the ideal thing for a blog like Bloggeratto which needed Avatar answering tons of questions. Back then when I wrote the script, it was so badly broken that I feel ashamed now of it :P

With the new Blogger, that system broke since the form disappeared. Although, the idea is still a good one, and the necessity of having a comment quoting system became very glaringly obvious to me right after my Blogger Smilies post, where I had to answer tons of comments, and reply to a lot of suggestions. So, I wrote this script a long time back, and it’s been through a _very_ long testing phase. I’m going to finally release it for everyone to use :)

It's a really simple script, which adds a ‘Reply’ link to all the comments on the comments page, which you can use to add the body of the comment to the form’s input, with all <BR> tags converted to line breaks for ease of use, and the text itself enclosed in a i[rel=”cquote”] element for easy styling. It also wraps the quote in nice curly comments for you :)

Also, when you click the quote link, a link is created back to that quote, and shown right above the input area. That’s for the unusually large number of comments that you might have to reply to all at once :)

Inputs are always welcome! Cheers! :)

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Avatar said...

The quoting system was indeed very cool back then, and i am glad you have resuscitated the idea.