07 June 2007

More bVibes love: Greasemonkey joins in #

Ah! Two updates today :D

While looking around bVibes, I bumped into a post on Hackosphere about remote vibing (?) buttons from bVibes which you can add to your posts. Well, I took it a little out of context, but the effect is pretty much the same :)

With Vibe me later, you can click through to a story from a bVibes page, go through the story, and if you consider it worthwile, vibe it from the page you land on. You won’t have to go back to the story page on bVibes to vote for it. The script adds a (not so good looking, but meh!) small button to the bottom right of your page, which flashes initially to remind you it’s there.

You can use the button to vote whenever you want. Also, the button will only show up for pages linked from bVibes, and when you click through from bVibes. I might recode it to check bVibes for every page you visit … hence make a ‘smart’ vibe button :)



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