31 May 2007

A bubble burst!

The past few days have been rather amazing. If you’re not a ‘geek’, then you probably won’t know of all the things happening, but if you are, then I hope you share the same excitement as me! After a rather considerable lean stint in the blogosphere, the general development sphere, things are back to kicking into top gear. I’ll just list out a couple of things that have got me excited and busy the past few days:

Facebook Platform

The biggest and the best announcement :D They opened up their API completely (it existed, but not with so much power) to developers to sit and make applications that interact with Facebook directly, and it’s different components (alerts, groups, etc.). The great thing is that, as a developer, you get to tap into the the best resource which you might need. People!

Facebook’s insanely large user–base opens up to every developer, and all his applications that moment they hit the Application DirectoryI'm glad they screen the applications that are added to this directory, and are avoiding another Firefox extension–type fiasco!.

This afternoon I finished developing my first application for it. It was meant as more of a test than a full fledged commando application like ‘iLike’ or ‘Photos’. You can check it out here, and if you’re on Facebook (why haven’t you added me yet?), add the application and take it on a quick beta spin :) I want to understand the API and all it’s crannies properly before I actually get down to serious app–ing!

Google Gears!

This happened just today, but I think it’s a very good step. From my end, it seems more like a reflex action to all the hype towards making applications for the desktops and frameworks being released to help developers do so. Whatever it is, it is good! The ability for Google services to go offline with you, and then re–sync when you come back online is something that people will appreciate the more that they use, and realise how much they needed this only once they get used to it. Ofcourse, they have a long way to go with this.

What I am thinking about now is that how is this move going to affect Mozilla’s plans to add ‘Offline Web App’ integration and functionalities into Firefox. If Google directly allows people to take things offline, an added functionality in Firefox seems like overkill, and will add to the ‘bloat’ that many people (and in a tiny voice, me) are complaining of everyday.

There are other great things out there now, sure. But these are the one’s that are of immediate ‘Wow’ to me, being a coder and a developer :P Somethings that you might find interesting are things like the new Microsoft Surface, Microsoft’s Live suite (kind of) in Beta, and others doing the rounds!

Great times :)


Singpolyma said...

You might want to link to the app page (facebook) where people can install instead of the cavas page ;)

The Firefox version of Google Gears ought to integrate with the mozilla API when it comes out (it's an extension when living in firefox after all).

Aditya said...

I thought it'd auto re-direct away! Oh well!

And yea, it should. Otherwise two apps trying to do the same thing would be a big waste of resources on both :P

phydeaux3 said...

What is this Facebook I keep hearing about?

I kid I kid. :-D

Gears looks, uh, well interesting anyway. I was sniffing around it last evening but I think some of you smart people are going to have to come up with something for it before I realize how useful (or not) it is.

Aditya said...

... but I think some of you smart people are going to have to come up with something for it before I realize how useful (or not) it is.

Look who’s talking! You’ve been more active than all us ‘smart people’ put together! :P

Gears will take some creativity (atleast from us) to be of any use. But maybe an offline version of Facebook? :P