25 May 2007


‘The Last Word’ has officially hit the 300 subscribers mark :) This is extremely heartening, considering I have not been posting as frequently as I used to. I’d like to apologise for that, and shift the blame a little on a very stagnant blogosphere and my internal examinations (starting tomorrow :( )

The good news is, that I haven’t lost track of things happening (whatever little is happening), and I will begin posting regularly again after these set of exams get over. Thanks for all the reads! You make my day guys! :)



Ramani said...

Congratulations, Aditya!

cyberbuff said...

congratulations! wish you all success in life too.
btw, my Greader told me today 24 unread items from The last word... :o
pretty surprised

Aditya said...

Thanks Ramani and cyberbuff :)

@cyber: Yea, sorry about that! :P I changed my feed source to the native Blogger one, with all the query strings to manipulate it in place, because someone was having problems clicking through to the post pages...

Preetu said...

Hey CongratZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!