28 January 2007

Another design change

You might have noticed some sluggishness in my posting. Posts are few and far apart (although they're generating quite a lot of traffic :) ). That's because I'm home on my college vacations (1st semester got over), so I'm busy with family and friends!

Don't worry, work is going on behind the scenes as well! :) I promise a 'completely' new look and more posts in the coming weeks. People might say that this look is better than 'that' one, but I am making a change for a good reason! I'll give just one clue to the new look ... 'minimalistic'. Hehe! :D

So, do not worry! All is good here! I will return in full glory very soon! Thanks for hanging around.

P.S. While you're at it, fire of a few hundred more mails to Avatar, will you? I don't know what it'll take to get Bloggeratto off it's ass! Maybe your mails will do the trick?


Manas T said...

I am in favour of a new design. :)

This design looks good, but takes a hell lot of time to load. :( Also scrolling is bit sluggish.

And yes Avatar is taking hell lot of time..

Avatar said...


Nah, they now don´t care about me anymore.. a month is too much for the internet..

i don´t care, i will rebuild from ZERO if i must.. i am fearless now..

and iwll came back, when i am ready.. you stopped for months, and YOU of all people are giving me heat?... :P


phydeaux3 said...

You change your mind more than me. :-)
Minimalistic huh? Can't wait.

Bloggeratto? Oh yeah, that site. Whatever happened to it? I vaguely remember seeing it eons ago.

cyberbuff said...

will be waiting for that... :)

Efendi said...

'minimalistic' ^^

i love the sound of that :)

Aditya said...

Thanks for all those words guys, I'll try and not disappoint! :)

@Avatar: I had stopped for good reason! :P I was entering college for goodness'sakes! Don't take so much time now, come back up!

@Phydeaux3: Can't help it! I see way too many designs and sites to be happy with what I have! Like I told you, still in the hunt for perfection :)