05 December 2006


Almost three months ago, I left the blogging scene because I had to attend college. There were quite a few best of lucks, and many goodbyes. I never really knew if I would be able to blog with the same vigour and enthusiasm with which I had been in the past. College is, after all, no easy feat, and it requires a lot of time and hard work. But as luck would have it, I did manage to find time to come online somewhere in the middle, and was suddenly bombarded by all the new stuff that had been happening with Blogger. I had left Beta Blogger as an infant, and in those two months, it had grown up to be a fine fine platform! How could I stay away from it?

So now, your favourite 'The Last Word' is back, and now in beta! Hehe! Yeah! I was getting a little tired of wanting to migrate and waiting for the magic link to appear in my normal Blogger, so I decided to make the change myself. Of course, I lose all my posts and comments, but I am not deleting my old blog. It'll be there existing on the Internet under the name of 'The Last Word Archives'. That's right, you can find all your favourite hacks and articles right there. But this is where all the magic will happen from now on :)

Now that looks good!

As you can see, I've completely redone the look once again, and a very big thank you goes to Phydeaux3 for that. He was extremely patient, and wrote 'freakishly long mails' answering all my questions and walking me through the (intimidating) new Blogger Layouts and template editor. And hence, the result is right in front of you. A much more polished, and cleaner look to everything. I would also like to thank Mark James, whose icons I have so generously used all over this blog. However, being in beta, things will continue to change. Features might be removed, to make place for more information or other features. Any thoughts and ideas on the template are welcome, but don't expect them all to get implemented! I'm finicky on that end! :P

The top part, as in this white and blue part, is where the main and latest post will show up. Under which is the 'My contents' area. To the extreme left is snippets from the latest three posts (after the first main post). After that is a label's list, so that you can skip right to the area you're interested in. In case you want to begin searching right away, hit Alt+Shift+S (sorry! Firefox only), and you'll see the search bar pop up on your right! :) Start typing, and you'll see the return of Search Suggest as well! Right at the end and to the extreme right is pictures from college, and my daily wanderings around campus and this new city (not that new anymore). It'll be regularly updated so that you can too share the sights of this beautiful place which is home for me for the next two years! :)

Under the my contents, is the 'External contents' area. Here you'll see syndicated feeds from other blogs which I keep a regular tab of, and would like you to keep track of as well. Again, these blogs can and will change, but at the moment you can look at the current blogs listed.

The clich├ęs

That is pretty much what is there at the moment. But as I said, little little things will change here and there, and the posting shall continue :) I'll post whenever I can, about everything that you've come to expect from me. Expect pretty much regular updates, and as usual, subscribe to my feed to make keeping track easier. I have made my feeds available in all three formats (Atom, JSON, RSS) so that you can feed yourself in any form you like! Keep your comments flowing in! After all, thoughts are meant to be shared :) I will be modifying the relevant external data to point to this blog now, so that you get the best and most up to date content and information! Like the Feedburner feed. The moment I have a considerable number of posts, I'll change it to point to this blog. You won't have to change a thing, except for the one bookmark pointing to the main page! :) It's that easy!

So, here's raising my glass to the all new Last Word. See ya around! :)


Ekta said...

While you were making this [baby] of yours, I asked you, "Is this still gonna be a technical blog?"...to which you said, "Of course". And I proceeded to point out that the look made it seem so non-technical and just a lot more 'fun' than anything 'technical' would appear to be to a non-techie. And that was your point, apparently: to show the world the fun side of all things technical, which is the side *your* eyes see. I'd say this look is a great start to that end, and basically, you did an awesome job! :D

Jen said...

Hey Adi,

This looks absolutely fantastic. You are always on top of everything webby/bloggy, and this is a great result. Your work with me on B&G was evidence of that. Great job, and happy blogging!

qureyoon said...

OMG ! I instantly smile when i saw this designs :)

indeed it was the "fun" feeling i guess ;)

GREAT man !

p.s: the BETA badge, i dont like the font :P

Aditya said...

@Ekta: Thanksu! :D I was suprised that out of everything, you pointed this bit out! :P But yea, I want techicalities to come with good looks!

@Jen: Ah! That's a compliment coming from you, seeing how my stint with B&G wasn't, to say the least, befitting my profile! Thank you so much! :)

@Qureyoon: That was the reaction I want everyone to have! Thanks! And about the font, things will change, but in time ... not to worry! :)

Ramani said...

Stunning look, Aditya!!

Aditya said...

Thank you Ramanai! Glad to see you here! :)

Deepak said...

Excellent design!
As they say, first impression is the best impression. You have made the first impression with your beta blog.

One question, how did you design the title text?

Aditya said...

Thank you Deepak! :)

The title text/design is just some fancy photoshop work! Nothing too complicated! :)

phydeaux3 said...

Nice new place you got here. :-)

Welcome to Beta.

Aditya said...

Took you a while! :P Hehe! Thank you!

Jen said...

B&G isn't going anywhere, really. The switch to Beta took too long for my impatient personality, so I've decided to leave it. I may restart it with Wordpress, provided they have a good template. And, honestly, school and work was kicking my butt this semester so I didn't have time.
Site looks fab. Absolutely. Up there with 5thirtyone and such.