25 November 2007

Want to work for Facebook?

Justin Rosenstein had this to say when he was leaving Google for Facebook (June 8th, 2007)

A couple of months ago, after three years as a Google product manager, I decided to leave for Facebook. I am writing this note to spread Good News to all the friends I haven't already overwhelmed with my enthusiasm: Facebook really is That company.

Which company? That one. That company that shows up once in a very long while -- the Google of yesterday, the Microsoft of long ago. That company where large numbers of stunningly-brilliant people congregate and feed off each other's genius. That company that's doing with 60 engineers what teams of 600 can't pull off. That company that's on the cusp of Changing The World, that's still small enough where each employee has a huge impact on the organization, where you think about working now and again, and where you know you'll kick yourself in three years if you don't jump on the bandwagon now, even after someone had told you that it was rolling toward the promised land. That company where everyone seems to be having the time of their life.

I'm serious. I have drunk from the kool-aid, and it is delicious. Facebook is hiring ambitiously across the organization. If you're an engineer, UI designer, product manager, statistician, bizdev god, general entrepreneurial badass, whatever, and you would even consider considering Facebook as your new place for hat-hanging, please send me a Facebook message. We can have lunch, or I can give you a tour, or we can go kick it with Mark Zuckerberg -- whatever it takes.

It wasn't very long back that Google was voted the best place to work for, and I wouldn't argue with that. Google has been coming up with innovative new ideas, products and things that us geeks will be able to appreciate. Their stock prices have been rising (valued at $750+ at last check), and according to this video, it's a "really" nice place! Putting all those things together, it's not really rocket science to see how amazing it would be work for the company.

Or would it?

Techcrunch reports that Google employees are switching over to Facebook at 'an alarming rate'. Gideon Yu and Benjamin Ling already switched, and Justin Rosenstein is the latest. It seems there is something that is pulling these people away from the 'dream job' they once had, working for Google. It really does seem that Facebook is the new Google, and Google; they're calling it the new Microsoft. I don't know how true that is, but it does seem really harsh. Facebook rather, seems to be the young and fresh entry, which seems to have high ambitions, great energy and the 'want' to do something. Those are qualities every engineer and developer wants in the team he works. Justin's e-mail shows that as fact too. What I wonder is, how much is hype and how much is true.

But by the by, I won't mind a job at Facebook or Google ;)


Deepak said...

I opened this from my Google Reader to inform you about the Techcrunch report. I see you've read that as well ;)

BTW, a belated welcome from my side. I was out cold for a week. :(

Aditya said...

Thanks :) I was out cold for half a year :P

Sumesh said...

I've got a feeling this is more because anything new and fresh is hot.

As people got used to the novelty of Google, they wanted to move on. I reckon similar things would happen to FB soon.

Aditya said...

Then it's upto the company's ability to keep the novelty in things, and keep things new for its employees, isn't it?

Looks like Facebook is getting the job done at the moment :)