24 April 2007

Pixel perfect!

Alright! If there are people going ‘What? Again?’, then it’s completely justified … but I was beginning to get a teensy–weensy bit sick of all the gold all over the place. I realised I can never settle for anything which doesn’t have my basic colours (the ones here) for too long. I anyway cannot settle with one look beyond a few months! :P

So, this is what I aiming at initially when I set out to make Golden Summer way back in December–January, but got severely sidetracked and went nuts with it. A simple, minimalistic template which really pushes attention to the post, while not making the whole place look too drab. I switched over to using simple and plain colours, ones which you’re probably used to seeing on pretty much every blog these days. The layout in itself breaks away from my previous two layouts, to go back to the header, post left and sidebar right normal that Blogger has gotten us so used to.

This is (as usual) not the final product, but a work in progress. I’ll be moving around widgets here and there to see which one fits the best where. I also might take this whole thing out because I have a couple of more templates in the bunk, so if I begin to like them, you might get to see them as well :P

Some of you might notice that this bears a lot of resemblance to basic Wordpress theme layouts. The truth is, I have begun to like the simplicity of those templates, and their ability to be simple, and yet strikingly concise. You can really throw anything at them, and they’ll hold up pretty well, while still looking nice and simple. I wanted to capture that essence in a Blogger blog. I had to hack my way into a couple of things to do that though, and you’ll see them turn up slowly in the next few weeks as I tinker around further.

A few things might still be ‘gold’ around here. That’s because I’ve reused them to keep things not looking out of sync. They’ll be fixed soon enough. Let me know what you think! :)


Sumesh said...

Just a bit of feedback.....The sidebar is below the posts in a 15-inch monitor....Is this because of a fluid template?(is it fluid?)

Aditya said...

A fluid design is where the design resizes and re–arranges itself to fit the resolution. This is a ‘fixed–width’ design ...

And thanks for that, I overlooked it. Fixed!

Deepak said...

Oh no. You have changed two templates in the time I've been talking about changing one template gathering dust. :D
You're fast.

A suggestion... Some of the colors look drowsy. They make me fall asleep :P
I think you should improve the contrast.

Aditya said...

There! I’ve made a couple of quick changes. Hope it looks better now?

As far as the drab colours go (you’re the second person to say that actually), the thing is I don’t want it to be too flashy. Golden Summer was ‘very’ flashy by my standards, and I want it to be visually pleasing, not stunning.

Content still comes first! :)

Singpolyma said...

I like it -- much faster and cleaner :)

One thing I noticed right away is that my link still points to blogger. My tech blog is officially at:


Which just proves that the content and links are more obvious now, because I didn't pick up on that before ;)

Aditya said...

Thankydoos! :D

And yea, I realised the speed improvement as well. But that shouldn’t really make so of a difference, since I didn’t have pictures in all in my previous template as well, and the scripts are the same as that one.

Ah well…

phydeaux3 said...

I like!

I'm a sucker for clean and crisp(although you may not know that by my own blog), and this is certainly that. I think it looks great. And it's much much faster loading for me on dialup.

Great job, as always.

cyberbuff said...

this one is much better than the older one (to me). Much faster and looks gr8! Ya there are a lot of similarity with WP.

Efendi said...

yay ! new face :D

i agree with the FAST thing ;)

but it seems to be lack of fancy things :P not the usual you :P hehe

Aditya said...

Yep! New face alright! And yes, devoid of fanciness, which makes it a little faster. Plus, I’ll be adding some of the whizbangs over time.

‘Time’ is the key here … and I don’t have much :(