14 March 2007

Links (14 March '07)

  • Crazy 3D Menu: This page and menu on it is absolutely 'cool'! The links all point to downloading applications and songs, but it's more fun to move your mouse all over the place and see the menu react! Good stuff :)
  • MiniAJAX.com: A page listing some great AJAX demos, and links to the originating sites, so that you can put them in your pages. A good page to bookmark!
  • Snipshot: Adobe are trying to make a Photoshop for the web. The industry isn't very responsive to that right now, but if you want a free, simple and good image editor online, try Snipshot! You don't need any plug-ins to work with it (as far as I know)!
  • 2007 Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang: A beautiful car, made even more irresistible! You have to check this one out :)
  • Mac Google: I only wish the original Google would be like this...
  • DivShare: Share unlimited amount of files, with as many people as you like. I have no clue how DivShare sustains themselves, but this service is absolutely awesome for storing, backing and sharing files!
  • Apple Vs. Microsoft: The Last Word on the war between Apple and Microsoft!