18 March 2007

Jscripts down. Repeat 'JScripts down!'

If you’ve been coming around the page in the past few days (and I know you have, yay! for stats), you’d have noticed rather strange behaviour on the page’s part. Dates don’t show, the TOC on the left doesn’t work. My Twitter status isn’t working, and nor is the post list at the bottom. Not to mention my search.

This is because Stephen’s Jscripts has gone offline. What’s strange in that, you ask? Well, the strange bit is, he didn’t take it offline. It seems like Ning goofed up somewhere. I haven’t seen or heard anything of the same from others either on Google or the various discussion forums. My own applications are running pretty healthy, so I don’t know what the problem is.

JScripts is taking a break

I’ve alerted Steve to this, and he has fired off an urgent mail to Ning to get this problem resolved as soon as possible. Ning Blog mentions an outage tonight for maintenance. I hope they solve this little glitch, and bring my poor little blog back to life!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: Steve points out the Ning problem being addressed, and has come up with a (temporary?) solution. If possible, donate some funds so that he can upgrade his Ning account to Pro, which will enable more applications, bandwidth and storage.

I’ve temporarily switched over from JScripts to my Googlepages account. This is so that atleast the page looks normal again.