05 March 2007

Feed resets and other annoyances

Just a glitch

My feed subscribers would have seen a random reset, with the top three posts showing up as new today. It was not a FeedBurner error, or something you did. The thing is that I'm trying to work out a few things to add a little more information to my feed (considering how there are so many subscribers), so that people don't lose out on the blog info even if they just follow the feed. I am working with Stephen to get a few Feedflares up and running, and also other RSS goodies if I can throw them in while doing all this.

For all the trouble, I promise to thank you all for putting up with my indulgences with a tasty new hack. So in the end, it is all going to be very well worth it :) Sorry for all the stupidity, and thank you for seeing them through!