23 March 2007

Time for new friends to reveal themselves!

Shutdown day!

Update: I have opened up the comments for the next 24 hours, and cleared away the moderation. Which means your comments will show up without any intervention from me as soon as you post them. I hope to not get spammed ;) This is because I am going to be taking part in Shutdown Day (24 March), so my computer will be off for the next 24 hoursYou will get to read my experience next week when I return!. The first day of de–lurking hasn’t been that satisfying … let’s see if tomorrow does the trick? Cheers!

From last year, when my blog surfaced, to today … my readership has gone from 18 to 270. Now that’s a freakin’ huge jump! :) I’m very thankful to all the people who come everyday to read whatever I have to babble about, but there are many more who like to stick around in their feed readers, quietly read a new post, and not say anything about it. I know some posts are too random to comment on, but surely you can leave something on some? ;)

Who are you?

So now, I’m going to take some time off to let you, my prized readers, show yourself. You might not have joined in the discussion about anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know who you are :) Through hacks, opinions, reviews, suggestions and what not, there are so many different people who come here, and for many more reasons …

The term given to this process is de-lurking. ‘Lurkers’ are those who come around for a visit, but don’t leave any comments because it’s already been said, or they don’t have anything to add. Now, I know that it’s not the celebrated ‘de–lurking’ dayI plan to make this a regular feature of the blog however, and from next time, it’ll be on the designated day!, but let’s do the opposite of that this time around … It’s ‘de–lurking’ time! :D

It could be a simple “Hi”, or an elaborate “Hello”! It could be in English, or any language you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t really matter. I just want to get a good idea of who the people are who actually take time out to read what I write. I’ll try and not add my two cents in the comments and break the flow. Leave your name, a brief introduction about yourself, and how you bumped in here––apart from anything else you might want to say––in your comment. Since there are about 270 subscribers, I hope to see atleast 70–75% of that number of comments. Let’s see how many people come out of their closets by coming Monday. I promise to release another hack if you manage to hit those numbers!

So! Show yourself! :) Let’s see who you all really are!


D said...

I'm First?

My name is Drew, I'm from MadTown WI.

I'm a frequent lurker to this site, I've tried some of the hacks, but mostly I like reading Aditya's commentary.

- D

Bikram Agarwal said...

Guess U r almost right.:P I've added a live bookmark of your page to my Firefox. Every morning, the 1st thing that I do is checking for any new post in your blog. But, I rarely leave any comment as such, as my hectic work schedule doesn't allow me. Nonetheless, I like visiting your site.
Anyways, I am Bikram Agarwal, S/w engineer @ Ness Technologies, Kormangala, Banglore. I have a no. of blogs on Blogger and I think though they r not as great as yours, they r a bit better than the whole lot of blogs flooding the net. Find the links @ -- http://vicky.codemaster.googlepages.com/about.html

I launched my tech blog some months ago, but couldn't post any new things there due to lack of time. Anyways, do give them a visit and have your say.

C Ya.:)

Turtle said...

Wow, cool! I've never read this before, but I love the design. I have a simple humor blog over at


and I love your template. Shutdown day is a very strange idea. I don't dissaprove of it, but since computers are such an integral part of everyday life, it's kind of odd to shut them off just to prove we can, almost like a bet.

Mr Bagel said...

Hi, Always willing to reveal my lurking habits to those with an excess neuron count.

Nice hints

Take a Ride on the Wild Side: Mr Bagel

Jayashree Bhat said...

I'm another lurker. Haven't tried all your hacks yet. Tried to implement the labels hack, thought it was too much work and left it at that.
And yes, I love the template too.

Aditya said...

hi, namesake...

I saw ur link on Phydeaux3's pages, when i was lifting his ideas on the label cloud. went over to your page to see what does another adi write.

haven't bookmarked ur site/added it to my feeds, i sort of remember the url. :P

i come once in a while to read. i like ur golden look, though i'd have preferred something else.

i see you have cleaned up the sidebar, twitter is only a feed.

i used to wonder how u get time out from life to experiment... care to share that?

ciao! and keep away from the babes at the medical college :D

OldEnough said...

a student from provo, utah who runs a blog/artblog (i guess--check it out and see for yourself). i've implemented the fantastic labels code and am LOVING it!