24 February 2007

Google bloopers caught in screenshots!

Over time and use, we might have noticed Google doing weird things! :P Whether it be a botched up search, or an advertisement for dead people, our favourite search people do have their bad days! :) I caught about three of these, but wasn't satisfied. So I went hunting around the Internet for other people who have chronicled their experience of a Google Goof-up! Here are the more funny one's that I found :) Something to get the weekend off with a laugh!

This was one of the weirder goofs! As you can see in the screenshot, the ads are not so appropriate for a place such as Google groups which are frequented by the elderly (supposedly) and young alike. Google's ads have slipped for other people as well, the funniest one being spotted by Ionut (of Google Operating System). They really need to fix these ones! :P

Last Indexed Email
I believe this is because of spam mails dated in the future to show up 'above' your normal non-spammy mails. But if that is the case, then 'why' is Google indexing spam mails? If that is 'not' the case however, then this comes out as another potential bug! Hehe! How does Google get itself into such spots :P

Blogger Date
You can find this post here and confirm it for yourself! Extremely weird! The date clearly says 22 December, and it's last year's, since it shows below other posts of 2006 in the feed. But still the URL shows the year as 2009? I don't know if this is a bug, because I tried republishing the post with the proper date, and still it refuses to change! Blogger URLs are static once they're created, we know that, but they should allow small mistakes like this to be fixed! :P

Haha! I think the picture says it all! :P Mr. Burns = Mr. Blair? I think Google's crawlers managed to unintentionally get this one perfectly right! Great job (and a laugh!) This one is from Ionut's collection some time back.

Definition of Zen
This was more of a crawler error than a Google goof up, but it is still funny. The thing is that Google definition crawlers look for certain patterns in text which allows it to find different kinds of definitions (for different contexts) from various pages. Unfortunately, a page which had a slightly warped definition for self-promotion got indexed as a legit one, and it showed up in the results! :P

Do you see dead people? Do want great deals on them? Ebay has some! :P Another Google advertisement blooper, also from Ionut's stash.

Do you have some of your own? :)


Deepak said...

Hilarious! ROTFGUL (GU for Going Unconscious!)

Philipp Lenssen said...

Those screenshots of yours are mostly too small to make out anything...

Aditya said...

Well, they were supposed to be thumbnails, which is why I reduced their size. They are linked to their bigger counterparts anyway.

I've put them back to normal size :)