19 February 2007

FeedBurner lost it!

I know one thing that publishers love to do everyday. Check their subscriber count! I take it to an almost feverish level where one tab stays open to the 'Live hits' page of FeedBurner, with an auto refresh of about one and a half hours, another tab open to the dashboard of 'Site stats', with another auto refresh. I just have to stay up to date (and time?) on these two things, and then of course comes the big kahuna - the number of subscribers - for the previous day. It has been on a rise the past couple of days since Google released their side of the numbers, so imagine my disappointment when I was faced with this:

After peaking in at 224 yesterday, it went dead at 0? Obviously something has gone wrong there. I checked up my FeedMedic log, but it said everything was perfect! I went looking for anything on their blog too, and found nothing there. I then went to see stats for all my feeds, and strangely again, found this:

The FeedCount chicklet is still showing the previous number (224) for me however, and for the other blogs that have them. However, calls to the FeedBurner API for the actual updated numbers returns a 0 for them too. Even TechCrunch! So it is a problem at FeedBurner's end. You can try it too. Append the name of the URI (lastword for my feed, for example) at the end of this line:


The output is a feed with the subscriber number. This is quite strange and unexpected. Nonetheless, I'll keep a watch on their space and other blogs for updates on this, so keep a tab on this post.

8:23 PM IST: Ok, this has been fixed! My latest numbers are up! You can read the reason in the comments (FeedBurner guys dropped by :P ).


Deepak said...

it's showing proper numbers for the other blogs

No.. Even for me, it is the previous day's number.
I checked my feedburner stats just now. Same issue for me too.

Aditya said...

I meant the chicklet :P I think Feedburner kows there is something wrong, and hasn't updated the chicklets this time around, until they get this fixed.

Hehe! They were considerate enough not to let us all run around with '0 subscribers' in our sidebars! :P

Sumesh said...

Can you find a way to remove the link rel=nofollow tag from outgoing links in comment section?

Aditya said...

I didn't know links in comments got that attribute. If it is being put automatically by Blogger, you can't do anything to remove it.

In a way, it's right too, considering that links in comments shouldn't be counted by engines. Gives spam comments an upper hand ... :P

So, no I don't! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

hi - this is don from feedburner.

it turns out we were doing maintenance on some things and we didn't output the data. it's coming soon. nothing was lost!

sorry - need to hop on a plane but i can get more info for you later


vp partner services

FeedBurner Jake said...

Hey Aditya,

Sorry for the "zeros" showing up. There's a post on our forums from our CTO about this:


You should be all set by later this morning.

Don't hesitate to give us a shout if you ever need anything!

Jake Parrillo
Publisher Services Team

Aditya said...

Aiight! Thanks for the headsup guys, my numbers back up to 225 :)

Keep the good work going!

Ramani said...

wow, you write a post and feedburner folks come running with an explanation. You are powerful!

My number jumped from 300 odd to 600 odd just a few days back. I didn't know Google didn't publish it's numbers all this time. An overwhelming majority of my subscribers now are with Google! Now, I feel even more guilty that I am not posting regularly :)

Aditya said...

I saw that. A 100% increase must be very satisfying! I knew my numbers were above 200 easily, just that Google never released it so we're stuck. There is one more service which is holding numbers back, and that is Kinja.

I don't know how many people use it, but it should be fun to watch numbers bounce again :)

Maybe now we'll see regular updates from Hackosphere! :P

Sumesh said...

adithya, ramani, somebody please....

I want nofollow removed because I can give google juice to deserving ones-of course, with heavy moderation. Wordpress allows removing it. So I thought the Helites(hacking elites!) might be able to cook up something.

Aditya said...

It is not a case of simply writing a script to modify the link, because no matter what you do, the pre-modified link (generated by Blogger) will have the 'rel=nofollow', which is what the search engines will index.

You can't put in your own 'rel' attribute since Blogger overwrites it. So there doesn't seem to be any way that I can think of right now.

I think I'm right about the reason why this happens though. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Hii Aditya,
Never knew before this stuff, thanks for this nice information. Now, i can see my feedburner stats. Keep on sharing information.

Best Regards,
Eliena Andrews

Sanel said...

Same here and this is happening a few months after this post?

Anybody know why?