30 December 2006

Tag, I'm it!

As it turns out, I've now been tagged by two people. The first, good friend and a hacker in his own right, Efendi. And the other is our very own Avatar, staying on top of everything with the word 'blog' in it! He demanded this post from me, and I shall comply. Although a good friend had made a post Things you didn't know about Aditya Vikram Mukherjee on these lines quite a while back, I guess I could add some more to the list :) So, here's my list of the five things you didn't know about me :)

  • I'm one of the biggest music freaks you'll ever get to know. I play five different instruments, and I sing. People say I can dance as well :P I can play the Piano, Keyboards (they are different!), bass, guitar, a little bit of the drums and (one I don't count) violin :) I listen to 'anything' rock, and anything else, you should think twice before recommending it to me. Very strict and hard headed that way.

  • Until 3 months ago, the only computer I had used on a parmanent basis was a 7 year old HP Brio, with 64MB RAM, 800 Mhz Pentium 3, 10 GB HD space and Windows 98 SEThese specifications were amazing for the time and price when we bought it in January 2000! The Brio series isn't meant for home use, and I think it has been discontinued since then, with the merger of HP-Compaq and the Presario's and Pavillion's taking over.. I used to design my sites, write my scripts and work with that configuration. Heh! Yep, it can be done!

  • I began coding only a year back. I knew a little of Javascript, but whatever I know, I've learnt it through writing hacks and coding for pages that I made. Now, I know 4 languages, and one at a basic level. Javascript, HTML & CSS (I'll count them as one), Java, C/C++, and beginning with PHP :)

  • I love reading fantasy novels and story books. A few good examples would be everyone's favourite Lord Of The Rings, Dragonriders of Pern, Harry Potter and Eragon. However, I'm 'not' a fan of Harry Potter as a lot of people are. I think after the fourth book, it lost the shine and glow of a quality story. LOTR seems eons ahead in terms of quality, and out of the new books, DOP seems the most promising!

  • I am completely self taught in almost all the things that I do. From learning those instruments, to coding and designing. I have never undergone any 'proper' formal training of any sort. Sometimes, that's a bad thing since you don't know what's the right way of doing something. But it sure gives me pride to be able to say that :)

There you have it! Five things you didn't know about me, which now you do! I'm not very good at revealing stuff about me, but it sure was fun remembering all those things, since they have somehow been pushed to the past now :) I believe the process now is to tag five more people? This one will be a toughy, because I want to tag people who will actually write about themselves! :P Heh! So here are my taggies:

  • Phydeaux3: One of the nicest people around and my good friend.
  • Singpolyma: As Avatar said, 'the' hacker of our times! :P
  • Ramani: One of the most creative hackers around!
  • Deepak: The newest coder on the scene.
  • Gregory: The man who's hack (Freshtags!) got me into hacking the first place! :)

Warning! You have been tagged! :P


Ramani said...

Thanx for the compliment, Aditya. I usually don't write personal stuff in my blog. I have to think about this.

Aditya said...

Ah! This is not really that personal! It's just fun and surprising things that wouldn't be normally expected off one :)

Like who would have thought Avater had dated five girls in one go? :P Haha!

Ramani said...

yeah, that was a really funny story :)

Avatar said...

one go?, nope, one day? yeah

i would be saying it was more like 4 1/2.. because of what happens at the end.

the only ways to date 5 girls in one go is either being a pornographer, a rockstar or a mormon.. :P

Deepak said...

Thanks for tagging. I see a few similarities...

Music freak..I play violin (learned it formally) , sing and play tad of guitar and keyboard. But I like most types of music..from rock to carnatic to hindustani.

I too love fantasy novels. A book you ought to read is the Worm Auroboros series. ;)

I think it'll take a couple of days until I take up this tag.
Some problem with internet at home. :(

Till then, you can read something similar which I wrote in my personal blog.

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