11 December 2006

CoComment just became useless for Blogger

As Chris points out in the comments, this has been fixed now. coComment is working now with Blogger Beta popup comment forms! :D

There were things which changed when the new Beta hit, especially how third party applications worked with Blogger. I noticed this a few days back, but I thought it was just a glitch. But now, I think I can confirm that it's actually a problem, probably due to the way Blogger handles comments now (through encrypted pages).

CoComment now puts all comments made on the Beta under a Blogger: Post a comment topic, which unfortunately contains all posts made by anyone on the Beta with CoComment on. That means posts are no longer being recognised, and it's putting everything in one basket. There is the brute force way, where you have to enter all the details about the blog and the post yourself, but CoComment should be able to automatically do that. This is not good! Almost everyone used Singpolyma's excellent Comment Form and CoComment integated very nicely with it. But now, it just seems to be broken pretty badly.

I haven't tried other ways (such as the bookmarklet, or the userscript) to make CoComment catch comments and other nitty gritties posted on Blogger, but I think if this is broken, the others would be too. Do tell me if it's working for you, or behaving in a different matter than what I've seen!

C'mon CoCo! Get crackin, we need those comments chronicled!


annie said...

I don't know if it is just my computer at work, but your blog is really not displaying right on IE. I looked at it this morning on my home computer using firefox, and it was fine.

Aditya said...

Hehe! Don't worry! It's Internet Explorer at work... It just doesn't follow CSS standards, or even comes close to it by miles, which is why it doesn't show properly for you.

My blog template was made keeping in mind the two browsers which I recommend, Opera and Firefox.

Sorry for the inconvenience! :|

D said...

Speaking of template, how did you create your footer? The three columns, external syndications & the very bottom "Site optimised for Firefox...:

Aditya said...

A bit of hit and trial, and a lot of knowledge and experience gained by working with CSS for 3 years! :P

It's just positioned DIVs. You can have a look at the page source to get the CSS, should give you a hint :)

Chris Zumbrunn said...

aditya, coComment should now work fine with the new Blogger popup commenting mode, which I believe is what you were referring to?

Aditya said...

Aiight! \m/,

It works now! Thanks for the heads-up! :)