20 December 2006

Blogger Beta no more!

Yep! That's right ... Google has officially taken Blogger out of Beta (the quickest of any application to face so). You will see the announcement as a small link at the top of your dashboard, like this:

The list of new features have been finally round up on a nice old Blogger style tour page. I'll list them here for anyone, and the tour page is here.

  • Customise your templates in two ways. First is to use the new Layouts manager, which allows you to create, drag and drop, and remove page elements. The second is the old Blogger way, to get your hands dirty and go to the heart of the code itself in the new HTML Editor.

  • Create a private blog, only for a few selected people. You can now specify who can see your blog, by simply adding their e-mail addresses!

  • Many more feeding options for advanced users, with feeds for posts, comments (whole blog or per post) and labels! :)

  • An updated Dashboard which gives you links to your most used parts right on the front page. Also shows you any unmoderated comments, all for one-click blog management!

  • Instant publishing (Blogspot hosting only). You won't see the publishing spinner anymore, because the changes will be made to a central repository, and all pages will be dynamically generated when called. So no more republishing hassles!

Three cheers for Google and Blogger! :D

Update (31/12): It seems as though Blogger has removed the page to suggest/request new features. I had found this page some time back to request custom variable fields, but since then I can't find it.